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Non-Fiction plus Real Life

1. Gripping True-to-Life Stories

Learn more about the real world today. Browse at Taylor and Seale for riveting literary drama and the greatest stories never before told.

2. Helpful Learning and How-to Books


Dr. Lynn Hawkins

From the wretched conditions of Florida's turpentine camps to Eleanor Roosevelt's elegant home, from a background of poverty and prejudice  to dinners with the rich and famous, the life of Dr. Annie Mae Walker chronicles both abuse and celebration of growing up black in Daytona Beach and beyond.  This tells the story of struggles of civil rights abuse and triumph in the United States from the viewpoint of a woman who helped change its history. It is so interesting, it reads like a novel. Very inspiring. $15.95 Click image to order. 


Mario Fumarola

Fumarola's collection of essays is a compendium of hope and of survival of Italian immigrants who came to America with the idea of working hard to achieve their goals at a time when dreams were bordered by limitations of the circumstances of the depression era and beyond. They brought with them time-honored customs of close family ties, and of respect, love and compassion not only for their immediate families but also their church, their friends and even acquaintances. Fumarola gives us a vivid insight into the hearts and minds of a people who believed in the solidarity of relationships and who exhibited a deep moral consciousness of what is right.  (Re:Italian immigrants.)  $15.95 Click image to order. 

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THE BLACK DUTCHMAN Book One: Coming of Age

Charles Richard Read


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How does a young man feel when he finds out the strange circumstances of his father's death? How does he overcome the tragedies in his life to rise above that of his peers? A collection of stories of a family of long ago combines history with a story that inspires as the reader learns about Charles Read's father, a man he could finally appreciate in understanding.  "You will continually move from sensations of shock, laughter, sadness and passion."


Book 2

Charles Richard Read


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The grandson of the first character in Book 1 continues the saga of his family and of himself. the book reads like a novel as history brought to life and the author provides anecdotes which focus on realities that leave a lasting experience. The book is true to the era and enables the reader to glimpse the realities and poignancy of memories of an earlier time. 


Zofia Synos

Born to a life of wealth and status in Poland, Synos’ heroine Alexa experiences suffering and struggles for survival as she is thrust into a world she never expected. With each new threat to her life and loves, this interesting heroine develops an ever-stronger will until she turns defeat into triumph in her marriage, her children and her new country. This uplifting book is a must-read for anyone ever tempted to discouragement or despair. Alexa proves we can all win and attain A Life Worth Living. (Immigration Poland) 

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Sampson Ike Oli

Sampson was ready to graduate from high school in Nigeria when his father, a young Police Chief Inspector, died. After his father's death, his family found it difficult to live well. With a house full of dependent relatives, Sampson faced hardships trying to manage helping others, studying law, fighting in the army, marrying and finally realizing he and his wife wanted more than what life offered them in Nigeria. This book reveals the culture of his early days in Nigeria and is rich in stories. Their hardships in emigrating, adjusting to life in the US, starting over by getting degrees here and working in a totally different life environment is inspiring. Oli, a deeply spiritual man, recounts the life of a person who appreciates the differences in culture, the lessons learned and the good and interesting lifestyle he has chosen. He became a  highly respected  professor in the US.  A refreshing book. (Re: Nigerian immigration)  

$15.00 Click image to order.  


“Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.” — Percy Bysshe Shelley, from A Defence of Poetry and Other Essays.

 “Poetry ... is the revelation of a feeling that the poet believes to be interior and personal which the reader recognizes as his own.” — Salvatore Quasimodo, from a speech in New York, quoted in The New York Times. 


Joseph Cavanaugh

 (hardcover coffee-table book)

With our world in a dark negative funk, Cavanaugh's new book of poems with terrific photos by his wife Shirley is like a splash of sunshine. The book leads one through realms of beauty and thought as the mind and heart travel through the visions of both Joseph and Shirley.  A truly  uplifting book that one can turn to not only for the beauty of the poetry but also for the beauty of the pictures.    $25.95 Click image to order. 


Jesse Sam Owens, Jr., J.D.

(hardcover coffee-table book)

From the elegance of the cover to the elegance of the poetry, this book is a gem to display and use. The poems grip the emotions in a way that only a consummate artist can do. It sparkles with the wit and wisdom of an accomplished singer-songwriter and poet.  the reader can spend hours immersed in its beauty. $29.95. Click image to order. 


Dr. David Axelrod

This ​ is only one of Dr. David Axelrod's poetry books, for he is a prolific, recognized poet in many areas of the world and imparts his learning and largesse to many aspiring poets. Look him up to appreciate the many accolades and styles of poetry to notice his expertise. $15.95 Click image to order. 


Chris Gantry

Grammy award winner Chris Gantry resonated within one's mind and soul.  His poetry may be lyrical, pensive, inspirational or screaming out at you[-but it grips you.  It can be read aloud, or it can be read in the quiet times when  you meditate on life--but it is there and it beckons.  It forces you to give a response.  It is real, honest, and never fails to affect the reader.  It reveals all aspects of his personality and character.  $16.95 Click image to order.