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Books for  Young Adults

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Joan Wright Mularz

SLATE is a junior at a Manhattan private school. Due to an accident of birth, he has the American citizenship his Russian rock-star parents crave. When their work visas expired, they allowed Slate to stay in their luxury New York apartment with a guardian next door. He can sponsor them for green cards when he turns twenty-one. Meanwhile, they visit whenever they can get tourist visas. Their irresponsible drug and alcohol-infused rocker lifestyle could break him, but Slate is smart, sensible, and determined to be the adult in the family. The start of fall semester adds more fractures to Slate’s life. His best friend Dash isn’t in his classes, and he’s assigned to a “nightmare” semester project group. More serious problems connected to the celebrity and wealth of his parents follow—extortion, stalking, ominous texts, and a deadly attack. Slate copes by using his courage, his brain, and his friendships.

ISBN: 978-1950613762                                    $16.95

Books by Melody Dimick 

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Backpack Blues


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High school students reveal their innermost selves through personal writings and help others  understand the heart of their world. Melody Dimick has produced a realistic, gripping book that everyone can relate to--everyone can remember those  years--but now we ae dealing with a larger world of diversity and reach out with deep feelings that make us finally understand one another.  The book also has sections that show students how to express themselves more easily in a variety of poetic formats. 

Royal Palm Literary Award winner.



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Jacob Barnaby lives in a small town in the shadows of the Adirondack Mountains, where neighbors know each other and gossip spreads like dandelions. On the night of his birthday party, the seventeen-year-old son of a prominent attorney learns his father has a secret. To make matters worse, his father plans to represent the man Jacob and his friends think is responsible for putting the school bully in a wheelchair. Will his father’s actions ruin both Jacob’s family and his senior year? Can Jacob salvage his relationship with his girlfriend, Squirrel, and get his life back on track?

Awarded Excellence in the Arts for Young Adult writing from Daytona Writers Guild. 

Cat Girl 


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Seventeen-year-old Dallas Berry, a high school senior,has high expectations. Known as Squirrel to her friends because of her bushy red ponytail and tendency to hoard, she loves cats,  Jacob  Barnaby, trees, and her family. Squirrel also loves Catwoman and, like her, tries to protect those in need. Her parents leave home for months at a time to fight wildfires, leaving Squirrel to  care for her grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and diabetes. To make matters worse, escaped convicts are on the loose.When an intruding cat and her great-grandmother’s secret diary enter her life in a shroud of mystery, Squirrel’s plans for her last year in high school begin to unravel. Will Squirrel's selfless behavior come with too high a price?

Excellence in the Arts award from Daytona Writers Guild.



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 What would you do if you received a suspicious invitation to join a closed-online group? Profiled and matched by their guidance counselors and faced with the alternative to attend therapy sessions or join the chat room, nine high school students choose user names and passwords. Driven by rebellion, deep-seated pain, and mysteries, they worry about their privacy and question their counselors’ motives. Will Kira find her dad? Can Ellen conquer her urge to harm herself? Does Destiny locate her missing sister? Unexpected twists. Secrets. Lies. Allies and adversaries. Enter the virtual world where no parents are allowed, and the language is textspeak.

2020 • 1st Place Gold Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) by the Florida Writers Association.

Melody Dean Dimick 

Award winning author has something new for 2020 

Ain’t it a Shame (a one act play)


 Ain’t It a Shame is a little about school violence, but mostly about fitting in when you feel different. This eclectic play of multicultural monologues gives voice to students and their English teacher in a small Mountain Valley town. The angst, heartbreak, loneliness, and dreams of the high school seniors are spotlighted literally and figuratively, thus creating a microcosm of today’s high schools. In the days following the coronavirus pandemic, the production of this play will provide teenagers, their parents, and their teachers with an avenue for discussing what it means to come of age in twenty-first-century America







Runaway Girl

Lois Gerber 

Fifteen year old Connie Sinclair runs away in fear from her family's small  farm when her father tries to force her to marry a person she knew would be cruel. Trying to support herself when she arrives in Pittsburgh, she lies about her age in order to enter a nursing program where she can earn her way by working in the kitchen, laundry, and central supply. Forced to deal  with the consequences of her misrepresentation when her lie is exposed, she finds courage and strength to go on to success. (Fiction based on historical facts about nursing in the early 1900's) $14.95 Click image to order

ThePayne of Heritage

Chris Edmonds 

Trinity, born on the wrong side of the hallowed walls of a timeless city in a distant future, was stolen and given to a dysfunctional noble family. But she grew up feeling different and was finally driven to expose the corruption of the pointless lives the nobles were living with rules that required  constant compromise. Uncovering secrets from the past, she has to decide if the freedom of an uncertain future was worth the pain her new knowledge might bring to those she loves. $17.96 Click image to order.  

Scruffy Brown Shoes

Gloria Koehler

Two Children, a boy from a dairy farm in Wisconsin, and a girl from Oakland, California, lead vastly different lives during the turbulent years of the Great Depression and the subsequent World War II and Korean Conflict. Their separate journeys throughout their lives shape their characters as they survive drastic changes occurring about them within their immediate families and with the world. A chance meeting has them merge with the new-found maturity and appreciation for life. The book runs the gamut of all emotions - through tragedy, loss, joy, innocence, longing, desires, and finally a true, mature love. $16.00 Click image to order. 

The Color of Snow

Brenda Stanley

“The Color of Snow” is a dramatic book with such strong characters that the constant switch of times with each chapter works out wonderfully. The story covers three important eras that have importance in the life of the main character.   One is the story of Luke and Vee. The second is the story of Sophie living with her father and the third is after her father has been arrested and she is living with her grandparents.  The plot is filled with heavy emotions that are not settled until the very last page. As the reader, you will see that each section stores brutal pain, young love, desperation, lies, truth, friendship, self-discovery, and hope. The book is absorbing and keeps the reader glued until the last page. $14.95 Click image to order. 

The Venus Prophecy

AG Conlyn 

A successful architect with his own firm, has also spent a lifetime studying scientific phenomena. His debut novel The Venus Prophecy, is an intriguing science fiction story about startling discoveries from the planet Venus. The technical reality and the author’s imagination are well integrated and believable to form a very interesting science fiction story. Conlyn is now writing a sequel to this story, which will come out in 2021. Meanwhile, we have discovered that he is also a fine storyteller for young children, since he has enjoyed writing these stories for his young friends and family. Today he sees nature under siege, and a people not recognizing the jeopardy we have put upon ourselves. His debut novel The Venus Prophecy published May 2020, in the emerging genre of sci-fi uses a blend of science fiction and drama to illustrate our peril.

Freedom Song 

Dodie Ulery

In the early 1900's a mature fourteen year old, Sal, ran away from his well-to-do family and his military school in Italy because he disagreed with his father's political ideas. He was already a musician who had made money teaching others in order to gain money for his ticket and entrance to America.  He was  not afraid of the challenge, for he sought  freedom from what he believed to be an  oppressive political milieu in his country.  He felt things would get worse.  He undergoes hardships on the ship and at the end almost the loss of his dream.  This story makes readers understand the timeless despair of those who  flee from oppression toward freedom. $14.95. Click image to order