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ISBN: 978-1940224084                                                                           $28.95 Hardcover $25.95 Paperback                                                                    Jill Clark is at the Florida Writers Association October 27 - 30, 2022.  Such an exciting time to be there to promote hare second book, Where Do Balloons Land?  In addition to her wonderful story-telling, she has plushies that she sells that go along with her stories.    For more details ......                                             

Jill Clark's second book in the award-winning Loose Balloons series engages reluctant, as well as avid readers. The book provides literacy-rich teaching opportunities guided by state standards. Jill's abilities to make children laugh while learning is a bonus for each student and teacher. It nurtures children's love of reading, and its art-and-writing activities stimulate the imagination of children while encouraging a fresh look at the world...a whimsical world of wonder and adventure filled with thought-provoking ideas and teachable moments.

The Venus Prophecy II,  The Journal of Hope      Andrew G Conlyn 

ISBN: 978-1940224282              $19.95

The Venus Prophecy II, The Journal of Hope, continues the story as Victoria Campos, a socially inept rocket scientist, becomes embroiled in a classic fight between good and evil. The evil comes at her from surprising and unexpected directions, but so does the good. Armed with her own version of an ancient artifact, she must stop sinister agents from creating a man-made plague to subjugate the world. As she works to conquer external demons as well as demons deep within herself, she questions if she is on the wrong side in the upcoming battle. This fast-paced thriller will keep you turning the pages late into the night.

Journey To Justice by Tanni Haas

ISBN: 978-1940224701     $12.95

The novel Journey to Justice, Book 1 of The Adventures of Spider and Ruby, is a futuristic, suspense-filled novel that takes place in a post-global-warming future in which the Earth has flooded. The surviving population lives on houseboats on the water or in large greenhouses deep in the water. They are all servants to a small group of people (The Chosen) who run the planet from an artificial island and who force them to supply food and services. The Chosen live a life of leisure. Spider, a House Boater, and Ruby, his friend, who is an Aqua Grower, are on a quest to free Spider's 12-year-old twin brother Luke, who has been arrested and imprisoned on the island for trying to organize an uprising against The Chosen. Along the way, Spider and Ruby face many dangerous obstacles including being held hostage by marauders, escaping from prison, and participating in high-speed chases.

The themes and ideals in Journey to Justice and the series of The Adventures of Spider and Ruby are contemporary and yet timeless. Global warming is on the mind of many today, and young people’s ideals are on how to avoid future problems. They try to avoid a catastrophe. They are brave in their quest to save the sibling, knowing full well how dangerous their mission can be, even though sibling rivalry exists. And the love and caring they show in their friendship to one another is another ideal in this inspiring and exciting story.

M. Custureri, Ed.D. Curriculum and Reading Specialist. 

Disorder In The Desert - Book 7 by J.T. Kunkel 

ISBN: ‎ 978-1950613847         $16.95

Miranda Marquette and her future sister-in-law, Kara, embark on a trip from California to New Orleans to return a borrowed truck. Not long into their trip, two bodies are discovered in their truck. They are immediately arrested for first-degree murder. As Miranda helps investigate the case to ensure her freedom, she discovers her past is catching up with her. Will she finally be able to put the past that has haunted her for so long behind her once and for all, or will it haunt her in a prison cell for life?

ISBN: 978-1940224299                                                             $18.95 Paperback / $3.99 Kindle


Throwaway Boy

John E. Mooney, who has degrees in English Literature, Mechanical Engineering, and Business is now indulging in his love of storytelling, researching, and writing full-time. He enjoys the exploration of new cultures and what people value and why. How do we “prioritize our finite allotment of time? How do we participate in our community? What does privacy mean? What is the nature of family.” 

- A riveting novel that keeps one in suspense throughout.

- The number of themes such as obsession, self-sacrifice, hatred, bravery, compassion, friendship, sibling relationships, elicit feelings which make this a can’t-put-down novel.

- The writing is so grippingly beautiful.

Four years out of juvenile detention in present-day Florida, Ricky Plyer’s life has turned around–graduation, girlfriend, purpose. Then why does he commit suicide? His volunteer mentor and friend, businesswoman Christina Spear can’t believe it. The more she learns, the less she understands and the more she’s convinced that Ricky did not take his own life. Her obsession to know the truth leads her away from the world she knows toward a bleak dimension of lost souls. Will she become one herself?

Not Me! Speluncaphobia, Secrets, and Hidden Treasure

 A Macavity & Me Mystery by Charlotte Stuart

ISBN: 978-1940224220           $16.95

Two cousins get together to investigate the death of a favorite uncle and to honor his legacy by fulfilling his dream to recover Aztec gold. They are thwarted in their efforts by greedy family members, a jumble of challenging clues, a prank from the grave, and unscrupulous treasure seekers.

What begins with a letter from the deceased leads to a wilderness adventure and ends with revealed secrets, betrayal, and a confession.

• Feuding family members

• A suspicious death and surfeit of suspects

• A sailboat trip up the Inside Passage . . . and a stowaway cat

Chasing the Dead by Tom Towslee

ISBN: 978-1943789993              $16.95

Is Allison Shafer dead or alive? Finding the answer is the only thing that will save John Standard’s life. Standard is scratching out a meager living as a freelance writer in Portland, Oregon when the young and beautiful Shafer shows up at the door of his seedy downtown apartment. She tells him she is dying of cancer, is going to kill herself using a physician-assisted suicide law, and that she wants Standard to tell her story … after she’s dead. But did she really die? Shafer’s gangster boyfriend wants her back and tells Standard it is his job to find her. The search takes him halfway around the world. “A riveting tale of suspense and intrigue. I couldn't put it down.” Lori Tobias, author of “Wander,” winner of the 2017 Nancy Pearl Literary Award

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Throwaway Boy by J.E. Mooney


Book Launch party on November 17 at Casa de Vino,

 57 Treasure St, St Augustine FL from 4 - 6 PM.  

Dr. Deborah Lee Prescott, is a multi-talented writer, playwright, professor, traveler and volunteer. She never stops taking on new interests, especially with something literary or cultural. The newest volunteering is close to our hearts. A unique and collaborative volunteer project at Riverbend Academy in Tequesta FL has brought together writers and readers to help improve the lives and literacy of children. Every Wednesday, known as “Wonderful Wednesdays,” volunteers, including three local authors, read one-on-one with the students of Riverbend Academy. It helps the students of Sandy Pines Residential Hospital “feel connected and cared for by the outside world,” says Sheila Carpenter Perry, elementary school paraprofessional, “which is something many of them need and enjoy.” What a great opportunity to help!

See Prescott’s Mitzvah books and the ones with Daisy. They are perfect for reading to and with children. The activity will produce happy memories and leads to a child’s love of reading

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The Amethyst Spider

Bob Boese 

The first in a trilogy of Casey Mysteries, The Amethyst Spider is coming soon.   A young sleuth

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